5min excerpt from 142min video documentation of untitled installation/performance in the exhibition 'да починеш в почивен ден' at one night stand gallery, sofia /14-09-2017



To rest on a rest day is a title from a list of titles in an exhibition. And as it often happens with music albums for example – a song title becomes the title for the entire album. What purpose can a title serve: give a synthesized description; prescribe, wish, command; quote, refer, be connected to other titles – hashtag; be fictitious – formal; be distinguishable from other titles; belong or not belong to the item it entitles. May a title alone make a visual art work? May one title improve a bad work or spoil an otherwise good one? Could it just be ignored or could it dominate entirely over the work it entitles? There are probably titles designed for those who start reading before looking at, or never get to looking at all. The titles in the list are autonomous, they are not expected to entitle anything.